COVID-19 Updates

This is how Handprints International has been dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic

All through February and early March we followed advice from  Department of Health on how to keep our community safe. We also explored ways to maintain communications and connections with our students.  We practiced using Google Classroom  and made sure all staff used technology they needed to provide online learning. The teachers brainstormed on the best activities to do with their students in a virtual classroom. 

We began phasing in our Skype Connections remote interactions with our students. The teachers were  happy to be together with their students. Kindergarten teachers will continue to meet regularly to share new ideas for their classes. 

We will be communicating with our families each week to keep them updated of our remote school plans and sharing helpful resources. These letters and resources will be regularly sent to our clients on Mondays until we open the Kindergarten again..

We hope that your families  are safe during this difficult time.

PhDr. Petra Jurečková, Director

Here are some resources we have compiled: